Bundle: Hat & Loop Scarf in Mauve

Bundle: Hat & Loop Scarf in Mauve

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Matching Hat and Scarf in Mauve

These hats and scarves are designed to be worn together.  Created with the same yarn and color, you shouldn't have one without the other!

About Our Reflective Knit Hat in Mauve

Keep warm and safe this winter with the Night Light Adult Hat with Earflaps in Old Mauve. Our adult hat is professionally woven with embedded reflective material to make the hat visible to cars at night.  The thick fleece lining is soft and provides great insulation, so you'll never feel like you're sacrificing comfort for safety.

The hat should fit most teens and adults.

About Our Reflective Loop Scarf in Mauve

Our Night Light Adult Scarf is a stylish loop that frames the face while keeping you warm and cozy.  The embedded reflective material gives you added visibility to cars at night.

This loop scarf should fit most teens and adults.

This scarf is 46 inches long and 11 inches wide.

Materials and Care

The yarn is made of acrylic (80%) with 20% reflective material (polyester).
We recommend hand washing this product in cold water for a longer lasting effect of the reflective tread.