Children's Reflective Hat

Children's Reflective Hat

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Keep your children safe and warm in our reflective children's hat in beige.  With a thick and soft fleece lining, our children's hat is designed to withstand harsh winter weather.  The built in ear flaps ensure that your little ones can play outside just a bit longer, while the embedded reflective material gives them increased visibility to cars when it gets dark.

This hat should fit most young children. We recommend that this product should be hand washed in cold water only to ensure a longer lasting effect of the reflective tread. 

Acrylic yarn (80%) with embedded reflective thread (polyester, 20%)
Thick fleece lining

From top to bottom it is 30 cm long and 35 cm long when stretched. That would be 12 to 14 inches. From side to side it is 9 to 11 inches long from not stretched to stretched size. That would be 23 to 30 cm side to side.