About Night Light Clothes

Afraid Of (Driving In) The Dark

It all started on a dark city street in Lillestrøm, Norway.  In the winter, the sun doesn't come up until after kids get to school, and it's often dark when they go home.  Our new house was located directly across the street from a middle school and high school, which meant almost 1,500 teenagers walked down our street in complete darkness.

I was always scared to drive.  Even with full headlights and street lights, there were always people I couldn't see.  Sure, all the students knew that they should wear something that was reflective, but do they ever do what they're supposed to?  

Surely there had to be a way to have clothes that looked good but also made you visible.  You know, the type of clothes that even a teenager would wear to school.

It had to be possible.

And that's why we created Night Light Clothes. 


Woman-Owned Business and Family Focused

I developed Night Light Clothes to help other families to stay safe.  But I also developed the product to be able to spend more time at home with my daughters.  Our identical twin girls were born in 2012 and were soon diagnosed with a rare disorder called polymicrogyria.  They're adorable and snugly, but they need a lot of their mamma's attention and help.  I left my role as a high school science teacher so I could make every doctor's appointment they'll ever need.  We sell Night Light Clothes out of our house, but ship globally.  Our product is manufactured by an incredible partner with tons of experience, and we're proud to sell an extremely high quality product.  But we're also proud that we can create a business that lets us spend the most time with two precious girls that need some additional help. Moving to USA was one of those important steps for us. Here we can access more specialized healthcare for our children, and that has been our primary goal since we discovered their special path in life.




Evy Weisberg
E-mail me at: info (at) nightlightclothes.com